One Blogger Alone Is Not Enough To Increase Eyeballs — and Sales

Some companies still think that the job of blogging should go to only one person — whether internal or to a freelance ghostwriter. While this may make economic sense and address a task that needs to get done, companies will find that there aren’t any more inquiries or sales leads. This is because content is […]

Hoping That Social Media Will Fix Crappy Banner Ads

Hoping That Social Media Will Fix Crappy Banner Ads

Long live the banner ad:  it has managed to survive not only the dot com bubble but also Facebook’s IPO. Yet few admit to wishing to perpetuate its existence.  Talk of ‘social advertising’ usually means buying ads on Facebook, Promoted Trends on Twitter, or even the new SlideShare ads — complete with inline lead capture […]

If HootSuite and Yammer Got Married

There is a category of enterprise social software which is emerging which doesn’t know what to call itself yet.  But if engagement platform HootSuite and enterprise social platform Yammer got married, this would be it. Basically, the software encourages any employee to engage in social media activity outside the four walls of a company, and […]

IBM Develops an Enterprise Twitter Solution, But Will Anyone Buy It?

IBM Develops an Enterprise Twitter Solution, But Will Anyone Buy It?

For those employees who tweet during the workday, wouldn’t it be great to have a platform which allowed you to view all of the tweets and activity from all of your coworkers — without the noise and clutter of the rest of Twitter? For most companies, large and small, that want to collect or keep […]

From Liking to Leading: IBM Lotusphere Is Now Connect

Whew, finally a break from the 2-hour morning General Session, featuring not only the VP and the General Manager of IBM’s Social Business division, but also a performance from 1980s pop group They Might Be Giants and a speech by actor-director-producer Joseph Gordon-Levitt (for those of you unfamiliar, he was in Lincoln and 50/50, among […]

A New Victory in the Social Media Policy Debate

According to an article in yesterday’s New York Times, federal regulators are ordering employers to scale back policies that limit what workers can say online. Apparently, the National Labor Relations Board continues to inform private-sector companies that workers have a right to discuss work conditions freely and without fear of retribution — whether those discussions […]