Hoping That Social Media Will Fix Crappy Banner Ads

Hoping That Social Media Will Fix Crappy Banner Ads

Long live the banner ad:  it has managed to survive not only the dot com bubble but also Facebook’s IPO. Yet few admit to wishing to perpetuate its existence.  Talk of ‘social advertising’ usually means buying ads on Facebook, Promoted Trends on Twitter, or even the new SlideShare ads — complete with inline lead capture […]

If HootSuite and Yammer Got Married

There is a category of enterprise social software which is emerging which doesn’t know what to call itself yet.  But if engagement platform HootSuite and enterprise social platform Yammer got married, this would be it. Basically, the software encourages any employee to engage in social media activity outside the four walls of a company, and […]

Facebook Has the Audience, But Your Website Has the Content: What To Do?

In a great guest article last week in Forbes, Listening To Social Media Cues Doesn’t Mean Ceding Control, Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer discusses the problem facing most marketers:  while creating multiple social identities has afforded a company to extend its reach and find new customers, it has become increasingly difficult to keep those customers engaged. […]