One Blogger Alone Is Not Enough To Increase Eyeballs — and Sales

Some companies still think that the job of blogging should go to only one person — whether internal or to a freelance ghostwriter. While this may make economic sense and address a task that needs to get done, companies will find that there aren’t any more inquiries or sales leads. This is because content is […]

If HootSuite and Yammer Got Married

There is a category of enterprise social software which is emerging which doesn’t know what to call itself yet.  But if engagement platform HootSuite and enterprise social platform Yammer got married, this would be it. Basically, the software encourages any employee to engage in social media activity outside the four walls of a company, and […]

Why Doesn’t Twitter Promote List Management?

Why Doesn’t Twitter Promote List Management?

The biggest complaint clients have with Twitter is that it’s noisy, cluttered, and unfiltered.  ‘How do I find anything?’ they ask.  ‘And how do people find my tweets?’ They’re right:  discovery on Twitter — in either direction — is pitiful. However, the List tool — which has been around almost since the founding of the […]

The New Social Key:  Taking on InsideView?

The New Social Key: Taking on InsideView?

Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference, held in San Francisco this past week, included a number of new product announcements, notably the launch of’s Social Key, a tool to deliver social data and integrate it with customer and account information kept in Salesforce. According to the blog, By injecting social into traditional with just one click, the […]