Email Is Not Social Media

No doubt, you’ve spent a sizeable budget on your email marketing programs. You’ve hired a handful of email vendors over the years.  You’ve bought lists.  You’ve hired email experts.  You may have even attended one or more email tradeshows.  The days of batch and blast — or spray and pray — whichever you prefer to […]

It’s On:  Oracle To Battle Salesforce for Ownership of the ‘Marketing Cloud’

It’s On: Oracle To Battle Salesforce for Ownership of the ‘Marketing Cloud’

Today’s announcement of enterprise software maker and CRM provider Oracle buying marketing automation vendor Eloqua for $811 million has many people — including this analyst — blindsided. After all, Eloqua just went public in August, raising $92 million. And a little more than 4 months later, it gets acquired? It was unclear from the news […]

Experiencing Social at Eloqua Experience, Part 2

After attending the Eloqua Experience conference in Orlando last week, I got warm fuzzies that demand generation marketers are getting more social.  After all, if the leader in the space is pushing social, then the rest of the industry will be soon to follow. Eloqua is a marketing automation and revenue performance management software provider.  […]

Experiencing Social at Eloqua Experience

This week, I’ll be in Orlando, Florida attending marketing software company Eloqua’s annual conference, Eloqua Experience.  Over 1,000 attendees are expected to attend. Though not traditionally known as a conference that attracts social media or social business types, I’m keen to see how things may have changed in the last year or so since everyone […]

Facebook Has the Audience, But Your Website Has the Content: What To Do?

In a great guest article last week in Forbes, Listening To Social Media Cues Doesn’t Mean Ceding Control, Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer discusses the problem facing most marketers:  while creating multiple social identities has afforded a company to extend its reach and find new customers, it has become increasingly difficult to keep those customers engaged. […]