Online Communities

Your marketing, communications, branding, client service, and product and service development efforts can be amplified by the creation and management of an online community.

A community can be a section of your website, or a separate, distinct microsite (i.e., in which your users can

  • Ask and answer questions
  • Perform searches
  • Learn more about your products or services
  • Submit photos, videos, or other content
  • Rate, rank, vote, or comment on your or others’ content
  • Share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks

Your role in building and managing the community can include

  • Serving as moderator, and responding quickly to questions
  • Addressing customer service issues or concerns
  • Pushing corporate messages when the time is right, such as a new product launch, invitations to events, or corporate news (new hires, etc.)
  • Figuring out how to adjust your product or service mix – or launch entirely new products – based on feedback from the community

JXB1 can work with you to discuss the best approach, platform, and management of your community.

  • Build the initial webpages or microsite for your community
  • Write original content and publish through the community channel
  • Serve as moderator
  • Train your staff on community management
  • Draft, distribute and update a policy and guidelines document for your organization
  • Predict and determine future technology capabilities to manage the community
  • Measure the results of the community program

Let’s discuss your company’s community — contact us today.