Training and Compliance

Education and training are the heart of any social media program. As the nature of social communications is fluid and continuous, the only way to effectively manage a program is to train a company’s current staff on the tactics needed to carry out program elements so that dozens of individuals are publishing intended content in a proper, timely, and effective manner.

Training for social media is different from other types of corporate training, as the need to train for judgment is needed. JXB1 has trained hundreds of individuals on the most effective way to make decisions regarding social publishing and content marketing, and brings this expertise to your organization.

Training can be delivered

  • Live, on-site, and in-person to several individuals or small groups at your offices or facilities
  • Virtually, via audio, video and screen share, to small groups
  • Via pre-recorded/on-demand video, screencasts, or tutorials, with the content residing on your corporate Intranet or collaboration software platform
  • As a combination of all of these options


Fundamental to a social media program is the development and distribution of a sound, extensible social media policy. JXB1 will work with your company’s legal team to create or re-work social media guidelines and ensure that the document is compliant not only with current organizational policies but also with the social networks themselves. A social media policy is a living document which should be updated at least twice per year.